No Entry…

I vent made any entries for a couple of days probably because I was busy and this entry is to let my invisible audience and admirers know that I am not going make any further entries till June. Now now gentlemen and ladies don’t pucker up your faces like that.


And when I am back remind me to drone about my journey to veliyam (prikri’s engagement). Well ,mind you, I am not making any promises.


So long.


P.S:I think this is the shortest entry I ve ever made. 😀



Phew!What a day.I had a strenuous time digging up communities to add to my orkut page.They look active unlike ma revered Thonivaasam-tots as they come .I am thinking of terminating Thonivaasam...sniff.Maybe not so fast.I will wait till July.Its exam season and probably nobody finds time to bother about posts n polls.

I am too tired to think of anything to type.I am contemplating over tomorrow’s Small day ahead .I ve to wake up rather early after ages.I do ‘ve worries of ending up overslept.(kavs would kill me)But its Prikri’s big thing tomorrow n i cant compromise.I do hope she’s making the right turn in her life.Marriage looks like a creepy business,if you ask me.Brr….it sends a chill down my spine.Lots of ‘What If’s pops up in my head.What if the guy is a sucker?What if he doesn’t like me?Worse,what if he’s impotent?And the worst,what if hes HIV positive?!!………No,i rather not marry.

Thats enough.I am off …to bed hopefully(only if mom would let me)

I was trying to study but find difficulty in concentrating.


I hate people. Stupid creatures .Hypocrites. I hate them all. Suckers. Miserable vermins. I hate them all. Bastards and whores . HATE YOU. HATE YOU . HATE YOU.


I have turned into a misanthropic cynic. This frame of mind is not an everlasting one but ephemeral. I know this will pass.


I see nothing but poison in those sadistic barbarians. Selfish dogs. Ostentatious cowards. Sham. Sham. Sickening sham. Lies and more lies.


Why did there have to be human race at all? Why did the apes have to undergo evolution to produce the worst species? Why should humans be the way they are? Why so much complexity? Why such intricate mental constitution? Why so many emotions?Why did these fools create such an absurd system? Religion.Customs.Rules.So many meaningless virtues.So many foolish beliefs and percepts.So many rights and wrongs. Rigid prejuidices. So many useless so manys.


I am sick of it all.


Mood Swings

It was a pleasant morning.Pleasant mornings always brought with them a spell of nostalgia.I was reminded of the best days of my life in UAE.With the memories of those days swirling in my head I slipped into sleep.I could feel the soft lump of pillow beneath my head and the cozy cotton sheet over me.Mmmmm….perfect.Paradise.

I woke up an angel, innocent as a newborn.Not a blotch of stain in me. I prayed the moment would be eternal.But goods things aren’t meant to last forever.The charm began to wear off slowly.By evening I was my old-self-tired and pessimistic.Maybe it’s the weather.Its bleak and blots of sad rain pours down.I stare out my window my insides aching with emptiness.A bolt of lightening startles me.I shut the window close.I try to shut the numbness out of my senses but in vain.

Pestering Prepz

It’s ma prep holz.I think it began last month or was it mid-jan?Anyways its been a long time and i havent made any impressive progress with my studies.Time flies these days.I wake up and bam! its night in a wink.I am rather clueless of the state of my contemporaries.However,i assume they are doing their fifth revision.

I remember last year ma prepz were really in full swing.And i did do ma papers well.But when the results came,i scored less than i thought n in one particular paper,ma marks were horribly low(i ve applied for a revaluation).And i realized a couple of things from the results of ma fellow-mates about the kerala university correction.

1)You do well,you could get abysmal marks.

2)You do abysmally,you could score good marks.

Moral of the lesson:You need bloody LUCK!

Umm..day out.

Another uneventful day of my life.Went to kavs’ to lent (or is it lend? shame on you and you call yourself a literature student?Pathetic)Manu sir’s Dvd case so that her dad could take it to the college tomorrow and return it to its rightful owner.I am a trifle sad parting with those classic darlings but on the bright side this could lead to the steaming up of ma exam prepz which has been a bit dull cold for a long time.I was distracted by the movies(and the fact that the study holz were enough and more worsened things) but I daren’t confess that to sir because he might die regretting.

Umm..so where were we?Yeah at kavs.As usual we spent(now again was it spend?u r hopeless!!) our time saying this and that-college,the bloody bitch,boys(jerks),love,future,college,the bloody bitch again and so on.Kavs showed me the new dress she bought for Prikri’s engagement.It was beautiful and assuredly it would look ten times gorgeous once she gets into it.Lol.

I decided I would ‘ve a diary which turned out to be an old zoology note book of my cousin.But it looks fine after stripping off the brown cover and tearing off the used pages.I ve no idea what would be the err…ayus(darn!whats the English word now?) of this diary-entries.Bound to be short-lived.